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People don't buy what they don't understand.

Our videos don't just explain. They connect to people's hearts and minds. They add value to you.

We produce videos that connects your business to your customer. This is our bread and butter. This is our legacy to humankind. Posted below are the animation styles by which we deliver your awesome idea:

  • Cartoon Explainer video
  • Kinetic Typography Video
  • Whiteboard Animated Video
  • Screencast Video
  • Motion Graphics
  • They were a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job for us. Showed good flexibility in my brief too given that we had not produced an animation before. Can recommend.

    Mark B.
    Mark B.,
  • "Absolute pleasure working with them. It took some time getting my understanding across clearly but Diana was unbelievably patient throughout and was willing to make edits until I was happy. Highly recommended!" ~ Nicholas M.

    Nicholas M.
    Nicholas M., Web Designer
  • Great job! a very nice group to work with and very good experience.... they did exactly as I asked and expected more.. When I asked for a small edit on the animation, due to my own fault, they changed it twice again, without added cost and with a great attitude. Highly recommended, Thank you so much.

    Said K.
    Said K.,
  • "Very pleased with the level of work. The video is great, the voice-over is highly professional, and the project was a huge success. Highly recommended." ~ Alex E

    Alex E
    Alex E,
  • "Highly recommended. We were impressed at the quality of the video and the speed of turn-around. 10 out of 10. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable high quality animation." ~ Sam A

    Sam A
    Sam A, Web Designer


Black Project Studios is a group of people working towards a single goal – to make awesome videos. We do almost any type of cartoon and motion graphic videos except for boring videos.


Marketing Head | Project Manager

Our strategic Marketing Manager. Dancing and cooking makes her busy when she's not in the studio. She's an investor by heart.


Concept Artist | Animator

He's the best at what he does. He loves to conceptualize and make his ideas to materialize . He also loves writing poems. He's not a dreamer. He's a real-time doer. Harry is the real deal!


Illustrator | Graphic Artist

She's our one-of-a-kind illustrator. A short-haired sweetheart who's so detail-orriented and passionate with vectors. She rarely speaks but her works speak for herself - it's utterly awesome!


Concept Artist | Animator

Aside from keeping himself busy with animating awesome stuff, he also loves filmmaking. He's a National Digital Awards winner here in the Philippines


Video Producer | Audio Design

He's the captain of our ship. He himself is part of the production process... mainly, conceptualization and sound design. He ensures that the project is on track and will be delivered on time.


Why Black Project? A Black Project is a highly classified military defense project. We don’t do military stuff but we treat every project we deal with as crucial like it’s a life and death situation. A situation between being awesome or being boring. A highly classified animated video explainer project.

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Here’s how we do it. To see an infographic about our process, please click this LINK

  • Upon officially starting the project with a partial payment made, we will proceed to the strategic planing and awakening of the brightest ideas fit for your video material. By becoming totally familiar with your idea, we can help you develop your message and share a better story. We will send you a Video Assesment Sheet where you will write down the answers to our wildest questions. Upon discovery, we proceed to creating the script. The script is the backbone of your video and our Writers knows that well.

  • You now have approved the script. Now, we’ll draw the storyboards based on your brand’s unique style and tone. Storyboards are your visual guide of how we direct the video from start to finish.

  • Whilst the storyboarding are on progress, our felow voice artist should be very busy recording the script for you. We work with some of the best voices in the business. We also choose the best music to fit your video.

  • This is the most enjoyable phase and this is where magic happens. We take time and put enourmous efforts to put every detail to life, making the Animated Explainer Video awesome and not boring.

  • At this point, you must be very satisfied with the Animated Explainer Video. So as soon as you make the final payment, we will deliver it in an HD Video format optimised for web and mobile. Enjoy and watch your business grow!

Reach out so we can help you succeed with your business goals one explainer video at a time!

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