Are explainer videos still effective?

Are explainer videos still effective?

Are explainer videos still effective?

This question needs backing up. At present, would explainer videos still effectively entice target customers in reviewing and actually subscribing to the featured product or service?

Marketing principles avoid rickety means, and promote the ones that are effective. It is valid to ask if online video making is still an effective means that would cater business and customer needs. Some companies like DropBox may have stopped using explainer video on their homepage primarily because explainer videos have already been in fact helpful to them when they still needed to introduce their products. There is no need for explainer videos about old existent products, right?---unless they would serve another purpose.

Explainer videos have been effective and will continue being effective for new products and services. And this claim is backed-up by evidence and testimonies. They are tools to explain the features and relevance of a product which a company is trying to promote. Quality explainer videos elaborate the product specifics but avoid focusing on walkthroughs. They are rather created in a way that would make the customers consider patronizing the brand or company featured therein. "Hmmm this product looks great. It is something that I need since there is... and it will make my life easy because..." Customers would think that they need to have such product and that it will be useful to them.

Era of video making: an online and global trend

Explainer videos provide the necessary background of a company and its role. A compelling reason why one must invest in explainer videos is that video marketing platforms like Youtube observed an increase of 60% in people's spending time on watching online videos over the previous year. This means, that online videos can be utilized by companies who would like to promote their respective products. When the age of television began, more companies were able to reach more number of audiences in their countries, since television networks often air ads only nationwide. What more with online videos wherein the capacity is in global level? This is a reason why most if not all giant social media platforms invest in video marketing and even improve them by making their shareability and features more flexible.  Virtual reality is also on track. In the meantime, corporate videos can take this opportunity to widen their customers' reach, and at the same time invite prospective clients.

What are the essential elements of effective explainer videos by the way?

  1. It informs.

Explainer videos are still effective because unlike short advertisements, they give their customers new set of information that they have not encountered yet before. Or they give details about something which they think they already knew about; but in reality would surprise them since it is different from what they know. For example, they may show the necessity for you to use the product being featured. Video making is a tedious process of properly reaching the objectives.

  1. It persuades.

Since they are basically online videos for business, they should persuade the viewers to test the product or do the things they instruct them. For example, animated videos could be used to create urgency when special promotional sales season is to attract myriad of people, or at least first thousands of buyers to purchase a product, like it is limited edition or anything that is aligned with that idea.

It should also be noted that 52% of professional marketers worldwide cited online video marketing as one of the major factors for best return of investment. This goes consistent with the fact that more and more people resort to videos as a direct way of knowing something, either proactively or coincidentally.

The value of explainer videos is best supported by its pioneers such as Dropbox, Airbnb, and Shopify. They accelerated their initial expansion largely because of explainer videos which serve as an avenue to introduce their company, its products and services. Companies, such as Snapchat boomed as well, in a very short span of time. Explainer videos for already existent mass-produced commercialized gadgets or machines like Tesla cars made it easy for the customers to grasp the product, and consider getting it due to its uniqueness.

While there are numerous testimonies depicting the benefits of explainer videos, the important aspect of all is that it is pretty evident for marketers to shift from TV ads per se and other traditional marketing platforms into utilizing online videos as a means of their business expansions. You've got the name of giants still using them. And they were initially dwarfs when it comes to their businesses. Explainer videos on this prospect are effective because they provide 'actual growth.'

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