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Sixty to ninety seconds is all you need in general to come up with an effective explainer video, though it may be extended up to more than three minutes as well. An Explainer video is a short and simple informative video aiming to catch its viewers’ interest further so that the presented information would be retained in the minds of its target audience. That is the one you usually encounter on a website’s homepage introducing you to the stuff you need to keep in mind regarding that company, product, and/or service that you want to take a look at if not you merely come across with. It is of various kinds such as cartoon animated video, corporate video, video marketing, and the likes while serving multiple purposes such as being a video for businesses or for nonprofit organizations.

Creating an effective explainer video which is typically online, based on widespread practice, is shown to be useful in delivering informational materials in a concise manner so that the viewers would get the gist of its content. Its audio-visual nature paired with retention-centered entertainment allows the people to obtain the bits of information they need in the shortest time possible without really making them bored to death potentially pushing them back from patronizing whatever is featured there. In addition, it manages to expand the viewers, clients, or subscribers especially of certain business platforms, be it a startup company or an already established one.

A Forbes study entitled “Video in the C-Suite” suggested that 59% of the respondents preferred watching a video over reading text on the same page. Moreover, a 2012 report by Invodo indicated that more than 50% of eCommerce shoppers reported feeling more confident in their purchasing selection after watching a product video, which high quality can balloon online purchases up to 174%.

So why not bang it and have your own? But how would you able to create an EFFECTIVE one? Just keep the following guidelines in check for video making and your business video production will likely attain its goals like how others already have. Well, treat it in the same way as having an effective “elevator conversation” which should be catchy, friendly enough, short, and simple; in simple words, not boring.

Four Points To Address For An Effective Explainer Video

 1. Adjustment to be considered, audience meant to be heard

Knowing your target audience is a must in creating an effective explainer video. If your target audience is adults for example, speak like an adult, and consider their respective backgrounds. In doing so, you adjust to their needs. If the way you present your video does not consider your audience, it’d be a dead end from the start. For example, if your explainer video is for both laymen and tech savvy, your online video must also be understandable to both groups. If you want to be inviting to both, the terms that you should use must not be highfalutin words or jargons. Instead of merely saying 64GB of space to mention a particular feature of an online file storage site for an instance, you could pair it up with the specific benefits like it can store around 50,000 pictures at a specific transfer rate. Of course, you have to mention that tidbit while explaining how the whole thing works, ie for online file storage on this case.

2. Brevity is bravery

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.” ? Friedrich Nietzsche

An animation maker of an effective explainer video knows how to properly KISS?Keep It Short & Simple. Well, that is basically a clichéd suggestion. But in video marketing, one of the apparent keys to gather more audience who would subscribe to your product, service, or what not is when they are well-informed of the know-how’s and advantages related to it in their average cognitive capacity within their own phasing.

Plus, there’s a study indicating that viewer’s attention span for online videos seems to be strongly sustained just within the first 60 seconds in average. So the longer the video length, the shorter the attention span gets. It’s inversely proportional.

Using online file storage as the sample topic of an explainer video, let’s do a breakdown for each video sequence in order, approximately having 20-30 seconds each.

  • The problem: The hassle of forgetting if not losing flash drives or having files getting corrupted there.
  • Solution: Create a free online file storage account, or avail the premium.
  • How it Functions: It stores your files in a secured manner.
  • Encouraged action: Go to this specific website, sign up, and presto, you could save your files anywhere just with a device and internet connection.

Also try to foresee any potential objections and offer any reassurance if applicable. That is how you do it.

3. Quality over quantity

More quality, less quantity. It means that in terms of visuals, voice utilization, musical background, entertainment, and data, more consideration must be put on quality than their quantity. For visuals, it should be uncomplicated and eye-friendly. Icons must be directly related to the content. Voice must be that caliber of Morgan Freeman if need be. Musical background should match the objective, usually upbeat, not monotonous. Entertainment can be drawn from proper application of humor (easier said than done). However, the most important aspect is that information is retained by the audience while being persuaded by your presentation. If you were on their shoes, ask yourself: how do you find the video output you have? All of these are incorporated in a smooth script with around 150 words. A writer familiar with online explainer video could as well be helpful in providing good script.

4. Do it well-prepared, have the know-hows

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail, as the adage goes. Now, just beat it with all the prerequisites you need aside from the tips on how it is going to be effective.

4.1 You have to select your video host online. Try to look for best video hosts that you will integrate into your platform.

4.2 Make it marketable. If you can pay extra, why not? Pay for ads, put them in blogs. Embed it whenever ideal.

4.3 Have a proper launching. Consult experts like video editors and scriptwriters if you are not well-versed enough yourself. In that manner, you also gauge the overall cost. Compare each proposal.  Video explainer per se is a cost-effective investment anyway.

You can do it, but better do it the best way possible. You may also check explainer videos out there explaining how to create an effective explainer video but well, that would be like explainer videoception of some sort. Going back with the tips and everything here, keeping them in mind will likely allow you to have not just an effective video explainer, but one that a person can say “worth watching.” One last thing: do not waste your time and theirs too because mind you, by doing so, it will be plain great.


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