How much does an EXPLAINER VIDEO cost?

How much does an EXPLAINER VIDEO cost?

How much does an EXPLAINER VIDEO cost?

When you go to a website of certain company, product or service, you might encounter an explainer video right on its homepage. It is usually a 60-90 second video explaining something related to the company that brings it. Engaging in their own way, explainer videos are shown to boost online sales, subscriptions, or attain their primary objective which is more often than not the expansion of the platform they support. Different sectors that want to present their background, ideas, services, and the likes via online video, cartoon animated video being its most typical form, would of course aim to consider the cost to create one. The pricing, if you search online, ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. So you might get confused which one would be able to suit your needs and budget.

The usual kind of explainer video that people avail is a video marketing or video for business which they might call “corporate video.” Let us try to understand how pricing becomes dependent on the type of business video production.

Video making is a tedious process especially if your goal is to have your audience retain the information, be persuaded, and be entertained at the same time without losing their attention span all throughout.

The Cause of Cost

An effective explainer video is the one which is worth watching by your target viewers. In order to produce one, a good team if not professionals must be considered. Remember the objective of your explainer video and how much you are willing to pay for it. It is generally a secure form of investment, and to successfully create an effective one is usually tied with explicably relative cost, ranging from 350 USD to 35000 USD, with some even reaching to hundred thousand bucks more. But the cost is justifiable by the whole procedural factors.

With all of these, which one suits your need given your specific budget and objective?  Various kinds of explainer video are as follow:

  • Cartoon animated
  • Motion Graphics
  • Whiteboard
  • Kinetic
  • Live video
  • A combination of these


Credible animated video producers charge around 5000 USD to 10000 USD per minute of your video. So if your video lasts a minute or two, expect a normally maximum charge of 20000 USD from these professionals. Yes, that is the overall general cost.

A quality effective explanation video is done with the collaboration of talented artists, writers, and other professionals in the field. The video production has an outline of how this thing is generally done though steps may vary from one production team to another.

It is usually finished within four to eight weeks, with animated video costing from 5000 USD to 10000 USD and live action costing from 10000 USD to 20000 USD within this decade of 2010-2020.

During the first week, you would discuss your financing, objective, and other things to the producer.  Research and script are normally achievable within this time frame. With the proceeding weeks, the production should smoothly be processed especially on aspects like storyboard & styleframes, voiceover, design & animation, sound design, and final editing.

Choosing which type of explainer video suits your specific need has to be consulted with the video producer given the different nature of explainer videos they do. Pricing may vary from one production company to another, or if a freelancer will take all the work (which is usually cheaper than a reputable company).

Inasmuch as it is important to consider the total cost of your video, it is also a must to keep in mind how the cost would adjust parallel to quality, effectiveness, and credibility. Of course, a well-paid team of an explainer video would likely create a result that comes from motivated hard work. So remember that quality justifies the cost, for it arguably pays to pay well. And that applies to the production of explainer videos too.

And the good news is, we, at Black Project Studios creates videos that are not beyond a thousand dollars with the quality of work that's beyond your expectations. See our client's feedback for your reference.


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