The Rise Of Explainer Videos

The Rise Of Explainer Videos

The Rise Of Explainer Videos

Online videos are ubiquitous nowadays. The said avenue seems to have made its way along with   short TV ads, billboards, and other marketing means to promote one's business company product or service. In 2010, Jason Kincaid actually created a post titled The Underutilized Power Of The Video Demo To Explain What The Hell You Actually Do.” He was one of those who pioneered the idea of utilizing video demonstration and marketing so as to invite prospective clients in a way that clearly defines the nature of business products or services which the source company offers.

The suggestion was that 2-3 minutes would already suffice for an online video  in order to cater the customer's needs. It must demonstrate, he noted, the 'core function' of the product you are explaining.

In an era wherein online ads consume space of our web-based activities, it is no denying that interesting explainer videos are capable of targeting the appropriate demographics that it aims to invite. And it actually has a ripple in the workforce by allowing companies that specialize in online video marketing industry  to thrive in the marketplace.

Online company tech giants like Google and Facebook corporations for instance maximize the use of explainer videos in their respective backyards. Business video productions are on the rise for the reason that they tend to improve conversion rates by 15-75% as disclosed by Transvideo Studios. Its effectiveness has been a constant proof that using it smart could be beneficial to your company's gains.

Aside from these, since explainer videos are personalized, companies using them would not rely on journalistic coverage of mainstream media outlets anymore, which tend to be somehow misconceptualized. Corporate videos can rather be animated and go beyond the traditional video-making guidelines. Its flexibility allows it to be suited as a video for business, as animation makers tend to be more knowledgeable on how to pique the interest of specific audience.

More than these, there are things that explainer videos can offer unlike other traditional means:


  1. The shareable feature of explainer videos such as cartoon-animated videos make it easy for your fans to advertise on your behalf if they find it worth-sharing.
  2. It also boosts your website's SEO.
  3. It may serve as not just video marketing tool but also as an attachment necessary for you to orient investors and the likes, whichever is applicable.
  4. It provides a leeway for your prospective clients to offer suggestions, and that you could already gauge their impression of your product or service.


There are few basic tips though in which you can incorporate in your explainer videos.


>Prioritize the explanation, and not its potential virality. See to it that you will not compromise the quality of explainer videos by just attempting to make it viral online. It needs not to be boring; however, the priority still goes about its quality and engaging content for its target audience.


>Incorporate the basics of your product. Do not simply demonstrate how your product works but you should be able to properly lay out why it is relevant to begin with. Introducing the product and its feature is enough. There's no need to go into wild details about it. What manuals are for if that is the case?


>Keep it short. Keeping it short and interesting is the key to keep your audience watching the entire video. It should leave them an impression that it is worth their time. The best way to do this is consult video marketing professionals for guidance and service. Based on the trend, 45-90 second pacing would already give the gist of your product, as well create a signal that the major sales aspects are addressed. You also have to ask questions like who is your target customers? Does this product have an existing competitor? What is its edge over others? If you are able to answer these questions, then your customers would likely be compelled to test your product and encourage their acquaintances do the same.


>Urgency must be established. If your product is antivirus software for instance, the link of the site to download it must be attached and readily available. Create urgency that the product has a unique quality which might save its potential customer a headache for utilizing it.


>Consult the experts. Your explainer videos must contain aspects which the customers need to see. Asking the guidance of professionals on the field of video making give you an advantage to have your online video be more enticing.


Explainer videos must be equipped with the right elements to demonstrate the purpose of your products or services. The goal here is to create an effective video and understand why it seems to be the rising trend in the marketplace. Black Project Studios would be more than willing to help you achieve the best video that  fits your business best.



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